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A Jalapeno Pepper Corer

This is the real deal for getting the seeds out of the jalapenos. Based on an apple corer, we've flattened the blade a little, moved the cutting edge all the way to the handle, and dulled the point a little bit so it won't want to poke through the end of your jalapeno. If you don't have one it will be the best coupla bucks you've spent in a while!

 Jalapeno Pepper Corer by Chile Grill
Hold Chile

1. Cut the stem end off your fresh jalapeno.

2. Hold the pepper horizontally (like you would grab bicycle handlebars)

Insert Corer 3.With the blade curve up, insert the corer into the pepper.
Twist and Remove Core and Seeds 4.Rotate the corer and pepper in opposite directions just a little bit until there is no more resistance. If you run into a tough vein, move it in and out
a little to saw through it.

5.Pull the corer out and the seeds will be in the curve of the blade. Tap the pepper and the remaining seeds will fall out.


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